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Illustration by Shannon Wright

The Nib publishes a themed print magazine as well as comics on the internet. Our magazine includes regular features like we do online — including The Response, where we round up comics of four panels on different subjects from a variety of different artists.

The seventh issue of the magazine will be on the theme of “Drugs” and for this Response we want to hear from cartoonists about how drugs saved their life.

We’re looking for all kinds of responses here — think outside the box. We want to hear about prescriptions that keep your heart beating, drugs that healed your broken body, vaccines that kept you safe, the trip that took you deep inside your soul and out the other side… or something else entirely. If you have an idea for a piece about a REAL LIFE moment, please send us a short pitch on your drug experience and how you want to approach it.

Remember it’s just FOUR panels, so short and sweet is best. Here are examples from our Death issue:

We’re looking to commission comics by January 30, with finals on February 10, so send us something soon if you’ve got an idea and share this post with all your cartooning buddies in possession of excellent drug salvation stories.

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— Team Nib

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