The Nib Magazine — Nature Call Out

The Nib
2 min readJun 16, 2021

So the climate is changing. Glaciers are melting. Wildfires are burning. The ocean is warming. In the 10th issue of our magazine, The Nib will be taking a long hard look at… our planet. The theme will be “Nature”.

As always, we will publish nonfiction comics that explore the theme in creative ways, through journalism, history, memoir, explainers, and satire.

We’re interested in all variety of nature related stories — environmental tragedies, comedies and triumphs; weird, wild and beautiful stories of flora and fauna, from your humble houseplants to the jungle; investigations of life from the ocean floor to the Himalayas… and, of course, tales of the human who live here and their actions in salvation or destruction on a micro or macro scale. We want to hear stories that will take our readers on scientific journeys of discovery, historical rides of a surprising nature, hilariously relatable jaunts through your neighborhood or on a totally unexpected path.

Please shape your pitch for a specific section of the magazine:

Dispatches: Think short! These 8–10 panel pieces of nonfiction journalism, explainers, interviews, history and memoir tell pointed stories in a concise way. Examples of Dispatches from the Family and Death issues: It’s All in the Family, Famous Family Feuds, She Talks to Dead Pets, It’s Our Funeral

Features: These 5–10 page (20–40 panel) pieces of nonfiction journalism, explainers, interviews, history and memoir are the heart of The Nib magazine. Examples of features from the Family and Death issues: Crossed, Cruel and Usual, As Before So Behind.

Strips: Single page satire. Is what it says on the box.

Each issue also features a variety of front of the book matter and interstitial art — so if you have an unconventional idea that doesn’t fit into the above categories, it could be just what we’re looking for.

Send us your ideas to by June 30, 2021